July 02, 1999

Test Report

This report mainly exists because I want to test my perl scripts and needed something to look at. I had some pictures from last week when we took a walk up to the Griz Inn for dinner so I used those plus a later picture of Gabriella's arriving in its new location. What I didn't take a picture of, was the garish green colour that they are staining the Griz Inn. I thought I would leave that for when they are done so I could capture the full, umm, impact. <g>

Some friends hard reported that they had eaten at the Griz Inn recently and it hadn't been bad, but our results were typically mixed

While many of the changes to this report page were motivated by sloth and a desire to automate it as much as possible, I have added some new stuff too. The past reports page has been replaced by an automatically generated list in a frame at the bottom of the page (my apologies to the frame phobic) and the pictures for new reports are now lined up at the right. The 'larger' link will swap the 320x240 images for 800x600 ones for those with larger screens. A smaller link will then appear to bring you back. To further insult the purists I even use a cookie to remember that size when you come again.

If you click on the picture itself, you will be shown the next larger size (1600x1200 if you were already viewing the large guys) and on that page there are links for getting picture info (fstop, date taken etc.) as well as the full size unmanipulated picture. This stuff is really for my own use and I expect will be totally uninteresting to anyone else.

If anyone has any problems with the new format, or comments or suggestions, then please let me know. (craig@redtree.com)

The weather here has been cold and damp for what seems like ever. However, if it ever clears up enough I will try and get out and generate a real report.

At a little after five it is cloudy and a chilly 14 C, but not actually raining (at the moment).

The new nest for Gabriella's appears nearly done.

The view from the Griz would have been standard outstanding, but there seems to be a little construction in the way. I suppose it won't be exactly the same as it was after the construction either.

On June 29th they made the big move and installed Gabriella's in its new location.