Craig's Report - May 31, 1999

Just More Bear Shots

Picture 1
(Mini Griz Circles the Homestead)

I have no real news, but I do have some more little griz shots that I couldn't resist sharing. Last Friday we had to accompany the kids to the school bus as he was in the front yard when it was time for them to leave. He ran away as soon as I went out on the porch, but he was back hanging around the house again today.


(Insufferably Cute)

He could see us inside and was obviously curious, perhaps about why he couldn't smell us. He circled the house several times over the course of the afternoon, munching on grass and checking things out.


Picture 1
(Investigating that window stuff)

At one point he decided to check out one of the windows and came over and tried mouthing it, perhaps trying to figure out what it was. Check out the claws on even this little sucker.

Since he seemed to be showing more interest in human things than he should, we tried yelling and clapping, but he remained totally unconcerned.

While he continues to seem pretty benign and hasn't been molesting anything (he walked within a couple of feet of one of our cats and neither seemed too perturbed), I fear the longer he stays in close proximity to humans, the greater the risk he will come to grief. Hopefully he will soon wander off.


It is twenty after four on a cool (10 C) and frequently rainy day.

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