Craig's Report - May 27, 1999

My Size of a Griz

Picture 1
(Mini Griz Lawn Mower)

A young griz has been hanging around the village for about a couple of weeks and we came across him today grazing on the new grass of a house down the street. This is definitely a compact model grizzly and has probably just been evicted from Mama's loving care. Young bears often seem lonely at this stage and it isn't unusual for them to hang out around here for a while, but a griz cub is more of a novelty.

Although small, he already has the typical hump and grizzled coat, not to mention an impressive array of surgical instruments on the ends of his paws.

Hopefully he will move on before someone calls in the conservation officers. For a black that is a death warrant and while they have more flexible policies for grizzlies, it isn't a sure thing.


(A Serious Carnivore)

The toughest predator of all? Here Tara does her best fierce hunter impression beside a beast carcass we found down by the river. :-)

It has been beautiful in the valley for the last week and all of the warm weather has the old Elk river humping right along, but in no immediate danger of causing problems.


Picture 1
(Cooling off in the back yard)

The sunny hot weather made for a great long weekend, or at least so everyone told me. Okay I enjoyed it too, but it was definitely at or beyond my preferred temperature limit. Here the kids cool down with a sprinkler under the tramp. It looked inviting, but hard on my middle aged bones <g>.


(My apologies for the 'family' report)

At 4:15 it is 25 C on the front porch and still sunny, but some clouds are appearing in the West.

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