Craig's Report - May 20, 1999

Construction Frenzy

Picture 1
(Gabriella's on the move)

I snapped some pictures this morning as my wife and I wandered around the various construction sites at the base of the hill. This seemed like a sufficient, if flimsy, excuse to post a quick report and let folks know I am still around.

The most interesting thing going on at the moment is that the building that housed Gabriella's is on the move and currently parked in the lot at the base of the Timber Chair.


(Gabriella's New Home?)

I had heard rumours of this being moved up to the Bear's Den, which struck me as being pretty ambitious, but it now seems that it will end up in this spot at Y in the road below the Wolf's Den. I now hear that it might once again house Gabriella's and also the Central Reservations folks, but the latter at least still weren't certain of that as of this afternoon.


Picture 1
(Lots of new construction)

Construction equipment is already rooting around on the old Gabriella site and it appears that the new building may devour about half the ski rack space between the old building and the Tamarack. Meanwhile in the background of this picture, the new Lizard Creek hotel is starting to take shape at the bottom of the Elk Chair.


(Bye Bye Snow - looking up Elk)

Up on the hill, most of the snow has now vanished from the lower runs. Certainly it is good to see it disappearing now rather than all ending up in the river in early June.


Picture 1
(Snow Creek Condo Hotel under construction)

There are many new houses appearing up in the new Highline subdivision and the whole place is really just a big construction site at the moment. It may just my perception, but it seems like with each new wave of houses, the structures get bigger and there certainly are some giants being built now. To me it is starting to seem crowded up there in places.




The weather has been the normal spring mix of rain, sun and even a little snow. At the moment, 2:00 P.M., it is 16 C and clouding over.

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