Craig's Report - April 17, 1999

Chris' Report

Picture 1
(Top of Boom Chair looking up)

Today's skiing was suppose to be a family excursion, but unfortunately birthday parties interfered. Our son arriving back from a sleep over and our daughter leaving part way through the day for a swimming party canceled our semi-planned day. That meant only one adult could go skiing and Craig said "You can go but you have to take THE camera". I can therefore put the blame in Craig's corner, if the report is not quite up to standard ;-)

I didn't get out until a little after noon and as I was leaving I noticed it was starting to mist over. So I walked up to the hill, figuring with my usual talent for good timing I had missed all the sun. Well I shouldn't have worried, for by the time I reached the locker room the sun was again out in full force. Now I had to decide where to go and what pictures to take.

I headed up the Elk chair to the "old side". Boy was that the right choice, glorious sky, warm wind and nice snow.


(Cedar traverse looking towards Snake)

You will notice from the first two pictures, something that was glaringly absent, the crowds. It was like old times again, skiing down, with only a few hearty souls off in the distance. I decided to head over to Snake Ridge, since it looked so nice from a distance. However on the traverse over, I noticed that I really wasn't going as fast as normal in the increasingly sticky snow. Before long I was just stopped. Not being quite as adventuresome as my hubby, I decided to bail out onto Blueberry, which turned out to be great. It started out sticky, but the snow lost it's slightly Velcro feel a little ways down and you were into the nice soft stuff.


Picture 1
(Lower North Ridge)

Lower North Ridge was amazing. The snow was soft in a spring like way, with that slight discolouration that comes with melting snow, but there were no bare patches on the run itself. Now the sides were a different matter.

I thought for thoroughness sake, I had better try the "new side", so I headed over to the Timber chair. On the way I headed down Sunny side, which had great snow and I couldn't really even grouse about the moguls. They were soft and not super high. Praise indeed given that I'm not a big fan of moguls. :-).


(Cliff band above Timber Bowl)

The slight line up at Timber chair, was my first clue that there might be a few more people skiing this side. The next clue was having to wind my way through the crowd at the top of Timber. Now I'm talking probably a good 2 dozen people. Maybe!

I skied over to the top of Heartland, assuming I would probably bypass it. Although there were some brown patches on the left had side, the snow itself was pretty much as described earlier, soft but not really slushy. I headed over to Curry thinking to take Tom's run down, but I again got scared off by the slightly sticky snow. I have a feeling that was a shame, because it was really nice just above the gully at the bottom.


Picture 1
(Highline Fire)

Demolished dreams - that is all that is left of the four plex that burned yesterday. It turns out it was just one very large building and not part of the Cedar Ridge complex.


At 7:20 P.M. it is 12 C at the house with a few a thin clouds.

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