Craig's Report - April 1, 1999

Spring Returns

Picture 1
(Timber Bowl with Mammoth Head in the background)

It was bright and sunny this morning, but a chilly -7 C at the house. However by the time I headed out, after lunch, it had become quite balmy and spring like.


(Express chute to Currie - no waiting)

There was wide range of conditions available, with some powder left in places, while other spots were pure spring. Almost all of what I skied was pretty good, with our icy friend Puff being the exception.


Picture 1
(A Knot Chute)

In shady spots, where you could find a couple of untracked turns amongst the rubble, the difference between their smooth sweetness and their still good, but less tranquil, cut up brethren was rather striking to me. Even in the shade the cut up stuff was packing and clumping somewhat, although it still made for fine skiing.



(Standard Cedar Shot with Snake in background)

Out in the sun the snow varied from slightly heavy to pretty sticky depending on elevations and exposure. Those places that received an early sun drenching and were later shaded or just at a low angle to the sun started to stiffen up a bit as the afternoon wore on. I noticed this on Linda's run and Sunnyside, but I'm sure it was common.


Picture 1
(Cat track to Bear from Boom Chair - a pointless, but pleasant picture)

All in all it was a pretty pleasant afternoon and the bright sun made for a very pretty day, but after the better part of a week gentle stirring fine powder, it was pretty traumatic to once again find myself skiing moguls. <g> The best turns I had were definitely on those North facing slopes which valiantly tried to fight of spring one more day. :-)


At 4:00 P.M. it is 14 C in the bright sunshine on my porch and our driveway is once again bare and dry and ready for basketball.

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