Craig's Report - March 30, 1999

Another Nice Powder Morning, but...

Picture 1
(Snake Ridge)

The hill reported another 19 cm of the good stuff overnight and it made for another fine morning. Once again Cedar Bowl was excellent and Snake Ridge in particular was draped in nice over your knees white velvet. This is to packed skiing what Michael Jordan is to Dr. Ruth trying to do a lay up. It is going to be tough to get back into spring mode.


(Boomerang from the chair)

Although there were a fair number of folks out laying down tracks, areas kept opening throughout the morning keeping the freshie supply well maintained.

The additional snow made almost everything very good, at least as long as you like soft snow. I was surprised to hear one couple complain about how yesterday wasn't very good, but it turned out that they just didn't like the powder. This is not an uncommon complaint at Fernie and suggests the hill still has a lot of improvement to make in amount of grooming they do

Still the bowls were full of whoops and shrieks of delight from both powder porkers and novices alike, so I suspect the average grin level was pretty high.


Picture 1
(Windows Chutes trees)

Places under the tree canopy, like parts of the Bear Chutes, were much improved, so I decided to give the Windows Chutes another try. The snow was nice, but the underlying ice was still very much in evidence. This was even more true in the steep, thick, parts of the Bootleg Glades where the snow was thin and had an annoying habit of just sliding downhill when ever you touched it. This didn't constitute a hazard, but skiing the tight steep holes in the ice that remained was rather less than pleasant.

However even there, once you got out in the open it was soft and very nice. In fact it was generally very, very nice, pretty much everywhere this morning.


(Currie Bowl)

Unfortunately though the sun came out, possibly spelling the end of this powder cycle. At this time of year it doesn't take long for old Sol to cook up any unprotected powder and even up top you could feel its effects on the snow before noon. Down low the snow was rapidly becoming quite sticky. It would appear spring is about to fight its way back. :-(

It was very nice while it lasted though, and who knows, maybe old Griz might have a bit more winter in him yet.


At 1:30 P.M. it is a discouragingly warm 6C at the house, but it has clouded over again. Hmmm?

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