Craig's Report - March 29, 1999

Enjoy it while you can...

Picture 1
(Snake Ridge - lip smacking good)

That was written on the board at the bottom of a lift and seemed most appropriate given that there is less than three weeks until closing and Griz had just blessed us with a good old fashioned powder day. Things have been improving steadily since Saturday, but last night's contribution pushed parts of the mountain from good into the silly grin zone.

This snowfall cycle seems to have favored the Cedar end of the ridge and today was no exception. A midmorning run down the trees beside Snake Main was particularly luscious with lots of billowing snow and little hint of the surface underneath. Even the KC Chutes were much improved, although hard spots and bottomings were still abundant..


(Getting into it on Cedar Ridge)

Cedar Ridge was also very fine and here 14 year old Adam from Los Angles lays down some powder turns that most Northern adults would envy.

In fact most of the hill seemed very fine indeed. True the Bear Chutes could have used a bit more snow under the canopy and lower North Ridge had the usual scraped parts. I also cunningly avoided Heartland and Puff by taking Lift Line and cutting into the Mitchy Chutes, which were quite good, although the surface underneath did make itself known. It probably wouldn't take much traffic to make it less than friendly however.


Picture 1
(Tree alignment problem on the Concussion Chutes)

Apart from the transit to the White Pass, I didn't ski in Timber at all, but from what I could see and hear from the lift, it did not seem to be as well endowed with powder as Cedar and Lizard. We did find some pretty decent snow in the Currie trees though. In the upper part of the bowl, touching the hard stuff underneath was not common and while hard bump tops could be felt farther down, the skiing was still pretty smooth in the troughs.

Currie and the Face Lift were closed first thing in the morning, but opened mid morning. However the Face Lift and the Cedar High traverse closed again shortly afterwards due to the steadily falling snow.


At 3:20 P.M. it is 0 C at the house and the stupid driveway is filling up with snow again. <g>

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