Craig's Report - March 28, 1999

Mixed, but decent

Picture 1
(Steep & Deep)

There was a bit more snow overnight and it helped to keep the winter revival going. Conditions were much like yesterday with some nice powder, but often not enough to hide the corpse of spring buried underneath. Once again steeper runs were often not as nice as gentler runs where you could float up on the new snow. For instance Steep & Deep was covered in about ankle deep or better new snow and was certainly quite nice, but on every turn you could still hear and feel the rattle below.


(Cedar Trees)

In the more gentle trees in the center of Cedar you only occasionally heard a scrape and the turns were pretty much nice powder ones. The impression was the new snow was deeper here, although that probably wasn't true. The snow under denser trees like those in the Bear Chutes probably was thinner due to so much of the new being held up in the trees. Of course Bear Chutes don't exactly have a gentle pitch , but it was noticeable as you moved to more open areas in the chutes.


Picture 1
(Currie Trees)

Most people seemed to find the old side nicer than the new and certainly Puff and Heartland were no treat (I need a macro to automatically insert varied derogatory comments about these runs). However we found some very nice turns in the trees in the middle of Currie, but route selection was key to avoiding nasty bits and getting the good turns. If you didn't finish with twigs in your teeth and needle scratches on your face, you probably missed the best stuff. <g>


(Siberian Deception)

We hiked up to try the trees into Siberia as the ice closure signs had been taken down. From the top it looked just prime, with no tracks and nice soft looking snow. However the first turn brought bad news. That lovely snow was only a few centimeters thick and underneath it was all that ice the signs had been talking about. It wasn't bad skiing and was visually wonderful, but that just meant that on each turn you again hoped for the smooth swoosh of powder rather than the raucous scrape of ice, but on each turn you were disappointed. However it wouldn't take too many more centimeters more to make this more than just nice.

It seemed strange that there was so much less snow in this bowl than is say Cedar bowl. I can't say I have noticed this to be a trend, but perhaps I should watch more carefully.

At 2:20 P.M. it is -2 C at the house and snowing nicely.

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