Craig's Report - March 27, 1999

A touch of winter

Picture 1
(Currie Bowl)

My apologies to all who tried to get to my site yesterday and couldn't. A mud slide near Castelgar yesterday afternoon whacked a fiber optic cable and took out long distance and data communications for the Kootenays.

More snow appeared overnight, but it wasn't enough to make Heartland and Puff pleasant. In fact Puff was plain horrible with large icy plains separating the odd mound of soft stuff. Currie was much better with some very nice turns, but the ice was never too far away and you couldn't be sure if your next turn would be a nice smooth cruise or a lumpy noisy one.


(Snake Trees)

A run in the trees beside Snake Main was a different story, with only the odd grounding on the ice underneath and many very sweet turns. Needless to say I approved.


Picture 1
(Tasty Snake Fillet)

By the time you got down to the KC chutes the ice was once again evident under the new snow and where scraped off. Cedar Ridge was also pleasant at the top, but one had to use more care with the hard moguls under the new snow. On most slopes the skiing was nicer where it wasn't quite as steep and you could float up more on the new snow. This was evident on things like Sunnyside where the steep pitch wasn't nearly as pleasant as the gentler lower portion.


(Afternoon snowplow practice)

Down on the lower runs, things were a bit sticky and grabby in the early afternoon, but generally pretty decent.


At 3:50 P.M. it is just about 0 C at the house and cloudy.

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