Craig's Report - March 23, 1999

Spring Still Sizzles

Picture 1
(A less than busy Boom Chair)

The hot and sunny weather continued on Sunday then took a break with some clouds yesterday (I couldn't get out anyway) only to return full force today. We seem to be in a lull in the spring break schedule and as this picture of Boom suggests, lift lines weren't a problem. I understand that both Manitoba and Alberta schools are out next week though, so presumably the crowds will return. There probably still won't be lift lines though as the new chairs seem to be able to handle everything that comes so far.


(Timber Ridge from the top of White Pass)
The North facing ridges once again had ice closure signs while we shlupped and shlurped our way down the South facing slopes. If you came across uncompacted snow you were likely to find yourself in some pretty rotten ski sucking stuff, but the compacted areas were turning to corn and were pretty nice, albeit rather heavy. Shady spots could be tricky, mainly due to the startling contrast from the sticky sun drenched stuff. Most of the lower runs were covered in a thin layer of heavy corn.


Picture 1
(Skier - dot center right - descending Polar Peak)

The next three pictures were all taken from a high traverse off of the White Pass chair over to the corner pocket. This one shows a skier descending from the top of Polar Peak down the large face into Currie. He will soon have to make some choices as we are standing in a large field of old avalanche rubble that would be rather unpleasant to ski. There were lanes through it though.


(Lizard Bowl from Currie Ridge)
Farther along I zoomed up to the fence to check the view before becoming concerned that there might be nothing under the snow I was standing on. I backed up a bit for this view of Lizard from well up on the ridge.



Picture 1
(A rather serious looking chute into Lizard Bowl)

A little further down yet we came across this mean looking chute apparently designed by Otis Elevator. There were old tracks heading down through the tight holes between the rocks, but the sign saved me from even having to consider it. <g> For those who feel Fernie might not offer enough steepness for them, I could always recommend this little gem. ;-)


At 4:20 P.M. the porch thermometer is claiming 20 C, but the porch is in the sun (not the thermometer though). My wife just informed me our van thought it was 14 C. It is certainly quite comfortable out there in shorts. There is just the odd thin cloud in the sky.

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