Craig's Report - March 18, 1999

A Dull Afternoon

Picture 1
(Tara in the Morning Glory Trees)

The title above seemed to aptly describe the lack of sun on this dreary spring afternoon. However I spent the afternoon skiing with my wife and young daughter and realized some diplomatic clarification was necessary. So for the record I was talking about the sky, not my skiing companions. <g>

It had been sunny in the morning and the snow was still heavy and gooey in the trees beside Morning Glory when we tried them in the early afternoon. The upper part of this as well as the Mitchy Chutes and Siberia ridge still had ice closure signs, but this certainly wasn't a problem where we cut in part way down Morning Glory. The skiing was a little less than easy though and in one less than elegant turn I generated a rolling snowball suitable for a good sized snowman. <g>


(Dipsy, Freeway and Easter Bowl from the top of Elk)
The lower runs were all soft and fine carving, although rather sticky if you got off of the groomed stuff. We didn't get up top on the old side, but did manage a couple of runs up to the top of White Pass.


Picture 1
(Traversing in below the Knot Chutes)

Shakey's Acres and the bowl below the Knot Chutes turned out to be rather crunchy. There were some scraped spots, but the main distraction was that the lumps were starting to get rather stiff. It was still skiable, but perhaps not in a totally carefree way. <g>

Heartland was scraped in the main traffic flow area and at times was remarkably busy. My daughter got a little freaked by all the folks, so I had an opportunity to stand at the side and watch the action for a while. I am sure with a little editing Warren Miller could make a fine comedy bit out of all the folks sliding down this slope on their backs like some sort of horribly misplaced inverted turtles.


(Center of Currie)

The snow at the very top of Currie was still quite soft, but farther down scraped and stiff stuff became the main course. To my surprise the lower run out was not too bad. Although it had plenty of scraped sections, the snow was warm enough to hold a decent edge in most places. At the time this picture was taken it had started to snow in a fairly promising way, but it had stopped by the time we got to the bottom.


At 5:20 P.M. it is 5C at the house and cloudy.

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