Craig's Report - March 17, 1999

Spring Tease

Picture 1
(Timber Bowl from White Pass Chair)

Griz tried to push back spring with a nice little dump yesterday. This left about 10 cm or so in our driveway with another one or two falling during the day. I tried to get out for a quick reconnaissance, but a last minute costume change left me at the bottom of the Elk Chair while my pass relaxed in the closet at home. Unfortunately I had other things that needed doing yesterday and while it isn't far back to the house, the time adds up when you have to change your boots a couple more times etc. The result was my ski day ended up consisting of one foul tempered run down the Mighty Moose. :-(


(Currie and Polar Peak)
I did get out for a few runs today though. Once again it was a beautiful sunny day and up top there was the generally well tracked remains of boot deep or better powder. This wasn't enough to mask the crunchies underneath though, especially on steeper slopes. The snow was surprisingly light in shaded areas, but tended to get heavy where the sun could do its thing.


Picture 1
(Cedar Bowl from the Top of Bear)

Currie had opened not long before I got to it, but was already well chopped and you had to watch the soft to scraped transitions. Conditions were similar on the old side, but very few people seemed to be over there. I managed some rather nice soft turns in the upper part of the center Cedar trees, but good edging was definitely necessary by the time you got to the KC Chutes which were well scraped.

I hadn't been down Linda's run in a long time and was surprised to find the side chute I took had not been tracked yet today. This may have been because of all the ice hazard and marginal skiing signs that were posted on the sides of North Ridge. Certainly the hard lumpy surface underneath the boot high new snow required some concentration and attention to detail, but in the undisturbed snow it was not a bad run. It probably would have been pretty ugly if any significant traffic had already been down there though.


(Currie from the ridge with Timber)

I had never skied all the way down the ridge between Currie and Timber to the top of Diamond Back, so I thought I would give it a try. All of the runs into Currie off of the ridge were closed with ice warnings, despite the very nice looking new powder covering them. I suspect these might have been okay for the first one or two folks, but then the combination of ice and trees on slopes this steep would have become deadly.


Picture 1
(Ridge above Diamond Back)

As one proceeds down the ridge towards Diamond Back, things do get rather tight. In fact it make Siberia Ridge seem like an expressway. While interesting, I am not sure this route has much to recommend it as compared to the nice tree skiing available on the Timber side of the ridge. Granted taking those trees means you will miss the top part of Diamond Back itself.



At 4:20 P.M. it is 5C at the house under a high light cloud.

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