Craig's Report - March 15, 1999

Viciously Variable

Picture 1
(Change of Seasons)

To the old 'location, location, location' advice about real estate, you could add 'timing, timing, timing' for today's skiing. Ah, the joys of spring skiing.

We had been away for a spring shopping weekend in Calgary and returned last night to a warm drizzle. This was may have been appropriate for the excellent evening of blues we were treated to by Guy Davis at the Arts Station, but certainly not encouraging for skiing.


(Griz Peak from Cedar Center)
Since it was warm and sunny this morning, I figured about 11 would be a good time for catching softening snow. Nope, too early! To make it worse the sun went in almost right away. This left most of the mountain rather, er, solid, and required both sharp skis and skills, neither of which I seemed to have handy. I started to head over to Snake Ridge, but by the time I got half way across Cedar Bowl there was still no sign of softening. Rather than stick it out for what probably would have been a most jarring run, I bailed out on the groomed, but absolutely bullet proof Cedar Center. In contrast the frequently icy run down lower North Ridge from the top of the Haul Back was covered in luscious corn at that point and thus provided some encouragement.



Picture 1
(Currie and the Elk Valley)

Cedar Ridge, the Mitchy Chutes and probably others were closed due to ice and I heard of at least two serious sounding incidents of people doing the bowling ball trick down the Bear T-Bar line. On the other hand Sunnyside was nice and soft despite the thin cloud. However despite a similar aspect, the Concussion Chutes proved to be rather crunchy although skiable when I arrived there at mid day.


(Currie from the Concussion Chutes)

Timing was critical as the sun came out again in the early afternoon. I was by this time family skiing (it is school break in BC) and we were sticking to the lower runs. These softened quickly with the sun and I suspect the same would have been true for south facing upper slopes as well. The shady spots would have been brutal though.


At 3:15 P.M. it is 8 C at the house and a thin cloud has just materialized again.

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