Craig's Report - March 11, 1999

Another Eye Candy Day

Picture 1
(Timber Bowl)

It was another bright sunny day with spectacular alpine scenery everywhere you looked. Even after living and playing in the mountains for years, I still lap this stuff up. Sun exposure was also the dominant factor in skiing conditions and as is typical in the spring, it was a mixed bag.


(Timber Bowl again)
For instance Steep and Deep had everything from a bit of fairly soft new snow, to a light sun crust to somewhat heavy sun soaked snow to the odd rather stiff lump. This was in the mid afternoon and I am sure the conditions varied considerably through the day as well. A run in the Concussion Chutes resulted in roughly similar conditions. This was fine skiing, but not as smooth and effortless as what we have become used to. By the way there is now a clear sign line closing off all of lower Gorbi bowl and forcing you off Steep and Deep before the final steep section.



Picture 1
(Mammoth Head)

I took a trip down the main mogul chute on Cedar Ridge and found surprisingly nice soft moguls at the top. These weren't soft due to sun, but because of the nice left over powder lying about. Near the bottom of the run, the snow quality diminished somewhat and the moguls became a bit less cooperative, but still remained pretty decent.


(Cedar Bowl from Steep & Deep)

Some of the high traffic runs like Puff and lower North Ridge were fairly icy. On North Ridge though, the sun had softened the bank on the skiers left into a nice corn like consistency. As long as you stayed up on the bank it was very nice. Since it was quite warm down at the base I was surprised that nowhere in my travels did I run into any slush or other over cooked snow.

I should also point out that everyone I talked about seemed ecstatic about the conditions. Sun seems to do that to folks. Certainly conditions were pretty good, but as one who worships snow rather than sun, I would have traded the rays for a whited out powder blizzard in a heartbeat. <g>


At 5:50 P.M. it is -1 C at the house under a cloudless sky.

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