Craig's Report - March 6, 1999

Sunny streak extends to two days

Picture 1
(Polar Peak from Currie)

There was no new snow today, but the sun was out and the skiing was still soft and friendly, at least if you picked your spots..


(Gun tower at top of White Pass)

I was skiing with my young daughter today and was thus generally outside my normal haunts. We did do a run down Cedar Ridge and this was still pretty nice, particularly near the top, although more than decent all the way down. The fare consisted of some loose stuff and soft packed moguls.


Picture 1
(Concussion Chutes from center of Currie)

It was similar over in Currie and there was even the odd spot of powder left in those funky center trees, although generally in spots not steep enough to really matter.


(Cedar and Snake Ridge)

The lower slopes were somewhat less appealing and with a fair number of hard scraped sections. Upper Kodiak and the cat track out of Currie come to mind as examples.


Picture 1
(Looking across Lower Cedar Main and KC Chute to the Gorbi cracks)

In Cedar I noticed that they had moved the sign line closing off the fractured lower part of Gorbi bowl so that the KC Chutes could be opened. They were of course already well tracked, but probably still sweet. The Face Lift also opened today.

At 4:30 P.M. the thermometer on the porch is claiming 4 C and the sun is still shining (not right on the thermometer though).

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