Craig's Report - February 28, 1999

Gawd Awful

Picture 1
(Cedar Ridge)

At least that was my take on conditions from my brief ski sortie this morning. We had wandered home from a neighbor's last night about 1:00 AM in a heavy snowfall. This had led to thoughts of lovely powder burying all that nasty rain debris and it wasn't until I walked out the door to head up this morning that I realized it was raining.


(Crud warrior on Boom Ridge)

The rain line was fairly low and it was still snowing at the bottom of the Haul Back, but it was heavy wet snow that stuck to everything and soon left me a blind sodden mess. Cedar Bowl was closed except for Cedar Ridge and right from the top the snow was pretty heavy. By the time you were below the top of the cat track it had degenerated into something resembling heavy wet cement, except cement doesn't usually clump together in debris balls. The fact that no amount of goggle wiping was able to maintain enough visibility to see what the next turn was bringing, added to the joy.


Picture 1

Wet crud bashing did not sit well with a blossoming cold that I appear to have caught, so after a single run into Cedar I was ready for the lockers. I wasn't alone in this assessment as one of the hard core, ski all the time locals, who had been heading out right behind me, was already back in when I got there.

To be fair I did hear some good things about Timber Bowl and in particular the trees from the Currie side ridge. It also had cleared up a bit by the time I walked back to the house, although the rain has started again. All in all reports might be a bit sparse until hill and body have recovered a bit. <g>


At 1:30 PM it is 1 C at the house and raining.

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