Craig's Report - February 24, 1999

Griz Gumbo, with a cream topping

Picture 1
(Punji Chutes in Boomerang)

The snow falling when I went to bed last night was certainly encouraging, but when I headed up this morning I was greeted with a damp mist. By the time I was up on the hill, this became bona-fide rain which increased in intensity with altitude before becoming snow somewhere just below the bottom of the Bear T-Bar. For new side fans this magic line was about where Black Cloud meets Deep Sea.


(Bear Chutes)

Lots of stuff was closed first thing this morning, including all of Cedar except for Cedar Ridge, Upper Lizard (Tower 6 road and below was initially open, but closed about 10:30) and the White Pass chair.

The snow off of the top of Boom chair was pretty nice about two thirds of the way down Cedar Ridge, but then began to get heavy and was really ugly by the time you got to the flatter stuff heading into the bottom of the Haul Back.


Picture 1
(In the Bear Chutes just above the T-Bar traverse)

To compensate for the oh so sticky snow, at least down in the rain zone it was easier to keep your goggles clear. Up top the falling snow had a perverted passion for goggle lens that meant continually giving your lens the finger (index) as you tried to ski down. Still the skiing up top was pretty nice. The snow was a bit on the heavy side, but cut well resulting in some nice runs especially on the steeper pitches.



(In Timber)

About 10:15 they opened the White Pass chair, although only the skiers right side of Timber was open. There was some very nice snow up here and at least initially there were surprisingly few people skiing it. However while I was taking this picture some cad slipped into the next chute and semi defiled my about to be pristine run. The sacrifices I make for these reports. <g>

While the snow in upper Timber was very nice, I always find runs down the center of Timber somewhat less than satisfying. Perhaps it is the fact that the steeper pitches are separated by flatter benches, but probably it is because half way down the slope suddenly becomes well used by the folks traversing in from the Timber chair.


Of course the whole lower part of the mountain was in the rain, but the groomed slopes were surprisingly nice and only a bit sticky. However if you happened into some ungroomed, the rain wetted snow on those gentle slopes could well have passed for cream of wheat.

At 1:40 PM it is 1 C at the house and the rain continues.

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