Craig's Report - February 20, 1999

Gorgeous Day!

Picture 1
(Cedar Bowl from the top of Bear)

A mysterious bright warm orb appeared in the skies over Fernie today. Visitors tell us this is call 'The Sun'. Okay, the sun has been out on and off recently, but this is the first really sunny day that I have had in quite a while.

There was only a skiff of snow overnight, so if you can't have powder, you might as well have sun.


(In Currie in one of the Concussion Chutes)

The snow was used and perhaps a bit firm early on, but it was generally good and held a decent edge. In some places there was a bit of drift in, which was rather nice. Farther down loose snow in the sun could be a bit heavy, but not really unpleasant.


Picture 1
(Cedar Trees with Tara's friend Lisa)

Moguls were the name of the game in many places and these ranged from pretty nice to pointy to scrape and thud. By the afternoon these were generally fairly soft and easily carved, but often of a less than friendly shape.



(Heartland Horde)

This mob scene on Heartland illustrates the need for a better easy route down to the bottom of the White Pass chair. For an advanced skier the moguls were not difficult and fairly soft, but there were lots of people skittering their way down on scraped spots and generally looking uncomfortable..


Picture 1
(Knot Chutes from White Pass Chair)

Despite this being a reading week weekend, there were minimal lift lines. Probably the longest we encountered was a couple of minutes at Elk, but most lifts were virtually ski on.


At 5:40 PM it is -2C at the house and clear.

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