Craig's Report - February 19, 1999

Shrub Day

It was not an auspicious start. When I left the house to walk up, I discovered that the graders had been busy and a session with Mr. Snow Blower (infinitely more friendly than Mr. Shovel) would be necessary to liberate the van for my wife's afternoon errands. Having grumbled my way through that I was now standing at the Timber Chair looking mournfully at the ring where until yesterday my ski pass had resided. The folks at Guest Services were sympathetic and friendly and informed that as improbable as it sounded, it was not uncommon for the slippery plastic cards to worm their way off of the metal rings and seek their liberty up on the mountain. I was skeptical, but a little experimentation suggested that they were probably right. Nonetheless they had to follow hill policy and charge me $45 to print a new one. This certainly seems outrageous, but it was the price on the form when we bought our passes. Sigh. So the moral is to chain that sucker to your body with something secure.

Picture 1
(Simulated view from the top of Currie :-)

Once finally on the slopes, the day got a whole lot better. There wasn't much new snow, but the essentially packed conditions were pretty good. The usual bad boys had scraped spots, but for the most part things were soft packed or at least easily edged.

The top of Currie was however very foggy when I got up there. This was in stark contrast to the bright sun at the house when I left, that had me thinking there was hope for some decent pictures. The final span on the White Pass chair was down right eerie. Visibility was down to about three or four chairs and the ground was not discernible. The impression was of just hanging in a white oblivion. I could almost hear Rod Serling's spooky introduction off in the clouds somewhere..


(Deep Woods Currie - not recommended for those with a sap allergy)

The spot to go in bad visibility is the trees and being rather inclined to dance with my bushy friends I did a little exploring and discovered a bunch of interesting, although rather tight, terrain. Even this stuff was tracked, but there were still lots of soft, but must make, turns. Interesting would be a good description.


Picture 1
(KC Chutes)

Over on the old side I found pretty nice previously used snow in the trees in the center of Cedar and down the KC Chutes. The latter are now nicely filled in and pretty much skiable anywhere.



(Relatively fresh stuff in Cedar Trees)

Cedar Ridge had lots of nice soft and even fluffy moguls and if you snuck far enough into the trees you could even get a few tracks in. Sunnyside was somewhat more packed, but the snow was still very cooperative and the moguls cruisable.


Picture 1
(In the weeds between China Wall and Freeway)

Since I was even more drawn to the shrubs today than normal, I found myself in the alders between China Wall and Freeway and snapped this shot which shows Dipsy on the left and Deer Trail on the right.


At 4:45 PM it is 1 C at the house, but snowing in an encouraging way.

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