Craig's Report - February 18, 1999

Good skiing with friends

Picture 1
(Male bonding time - Men's day)

Busy yesterday and this morning with no new soft did not suggest outstanding skiing, but somehow it is always better when you are skiing with friends. Today was the last day of men's day; a sort of recent local tradition that involves middle aged locals getting together for ski lessons and beer. The fact our instructor is Dave 'Buck' Rogers, a truly outstanding skier and instructor and until recently the owner director of the ski school, doesn't really hide the fact that the real purpose is to get together and do some Tim Allen type bonding while sharing some scary slopes and cool beer (in that order).


(Looking North from the top of the Face Lift)

Moguls were the name of the game on much of the hill today, but most were soft and easily navigable. The deadly duo of Puff and Heartland (I only skied the later) seemed to have a share of firm stuff between the moguls, but I found it generally pretty carvable.

However some out of the way spots still offered very nice turns indeed. The group was lured over to Steep and Deep by a couple of scheming members (who me?) and we found some delightful snow that made up for the wait at the Face Lift and less than smooth traverse over. Although chopped, there were still powder turns in abundance and in fact it appeared better than the apparently thrashed out of bounds Papa's Run. Constable Dave, one of the group, did suggest that leading him there might constitute endangering a peace officer and that perhaps we should all get used to hitchhiking, but I think he had a pretty good run and was kidding. You were kidding weren't you Dave? <g>


Picture 1
(White on White - Polar Peak and Currie Bowl from the top of White Pass)

Everything was open and while I didn't ski a lot of conventional runs, what I did ski seemed pretty decent, at least for packed runs. The groomed runs in particular held an excellent edge and the only limit on cruising turn G force was ability and nerve.

The traverse along the ridge separating Lizard and Currie (okay what is the correct name for this thing?) was in moderately scary mode, but the crew made it across with only one physician ending upside down in a tree on the mega degree slope..



(Easter vultures awaiting prey)

The reward was more nice soft turns, including many powder turns, down through the chutes of Easter. One sucker, er volunteer, agreed to accompany me down the Window's chutes while the rest of the troop opted for Freeway.

We started in the trees between the chutes and while these were well tracked, careful route selection could provide some soft turns with a minimum of bark. Once in the rightmost chute, we encountered soft big moguls, but not much leftover powder. Still quite nice though.

The final run at the bar featured nice light suds, with the occasionally heavy nacho patch.


At 8:00 PM it is -1 C at the house and, well, dark - no stars though.

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