Craig's Report - February 16, 1999

Ah, that's more like it!

Picture 1
(KC Chutes at bottom of Snake)

We got a nice little powder refresher last night and this morning to help alleviate those packed run blues. I had a typically late start, but still found nice boot high all over the center of Snake Main. It wasn't quite enough to completely shield you from the firmer underpinnings, but was a giant step in the right direction.


(Timber from the ridge)

More popular spots like Sunnyside were mogulled, but the bumps were soft and compliant with patches of powder still hanging about. Horde routes, like Lower North Ridge, however had their normal scraped bare spots.


Picture 1
(Ridge between Timber and Currie)

It was quite foggy at the top of White Pass and at one point ice was forming on goggles and poles etc., but once you came down a bit things cleared up. There was still lots of fluff in the trees leading back into Timber and less evidence of a hard sub surface.



(Timber Trees - nice snow but watch those branches)

Currie was closed all morning, but when I got to the bottom of these trees I ran into the pro patrol and managed to discover that it was going to open shortly. I was thus able to be first through the rope. :-)

Wanting to maintain my lead I headed straight down from the top of the chair and this was almost my undoing. Immediate vertigo set in from the combination of featureless snow and white fog. After a few tentative and woozy by feel turns, the light improved and I was treated to a virtually trackless (save for the patrollers tracks) run through Currie.

It is always a visual treat to cruise a big bowl with acres of snow with no visible disturbance. Like most other places the firm surface was still evident under the boot high new, so it wasn't a perfect powder run, but still pretty fine. <g>


At 4:30 PM it is -2 C at the house and cloudy.

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