Craig's Report - February 11, 1999

No New, but still Nice.

We are clearly in our spoiled stage. This occurs when after many days of regular powder topups, the snow gods stiff us and force us to ski on old snow. With no significant snow in Fernie in 24 hours, how can the skiing be worth while? That was essentially my attitude this morning and I surely would have skipped our snow starved slopes if it hadn't been for a commitment to meet the men's day group this afternoon.

On my warm up run before meeting the group, I did a transfer run down Puff from Timber to the White Pass lift and was shocked to find hard snow, yes hard makes noise and must be edged snow, between the fluffy moguls. Clearly sub standard! Okay the run down the north of Currie featured several centimeters of blown in snow and was pretty velvety, but the group consensus when we got together at the bottom was there was little hope for a good day in these marginal conditions.

Of course we were wrong and managed to have a great time despite having to ski soft groomed in places between the left over powder. In fact we found many fluffy turns in places like the center of Timber, the center of Currie and my favorite (disputed by others), the trees of Easter and the Window's chutes. Still we may actually have had to make more soft pack turns than fluff turns, so we can only hope for better things next week. I have to admit though that being spoiled this way isn't all that hard to take. :-)

My wife had the camera today, so I am afraid no pictures today. I am sure the Society for Preservation of the Illiterate will post a suitable protest, but the alternative was a silence not compatible with the mandatory men's day brews. <g>

At 6:00 PM it is -5 C at the house under a cloudy sky.

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