Craig's Report - February 10, 1999


I had a bunch to do this morning and had planned to take the day off from skiing, but the softly falling snow lured me out after lunch. I quickly realized my mistake, which was not being up on the mountain first thing this morning. From the few centimeters of snow at the house, I didn't expect the boot high to knee deep fluff up top with the added bonus of everything (except the Face Lift) being open.

It was of course well used by noon, but there were still enough pockets and short lines to suggest that this morning must have been very good indeed. For that matter this afternoon was still very good, chopped or not. Since it was a little cooler and the snow fairly dry, it wasn't packing down, so skiing the chopped was definitely not a hardship. Okay it wasn't as good as fresh, but I have to rationalize missing the morning somehow.

Everything I skied was delightful. The powder was fluffy and where it was packed the moguls soft and compliant. I even did a rare run down Kangaroo and while the bumps were as pointy as ever, the soft conditions allowed for more massaging and less mashing than I normally need to resort to.

Since there isn't much else to say, I guess it is picture time.

Picture 1
(Top of Stag Leap)

Although Stag Leap had seen its fair share of traffic by the time I headed down it at around 3, there were still lots of powder turns, especially at the sides.


(Lizard Bowl from China Wall)

Easter Bowl is at the left of this picture and pretty much the whole left two thirds of the ridge can be reached by traversing from the White Pass chair.


Picture 1
(King Fir on Cedar Ridge)

The main runs on Cedar Ridge had fluffy moguls in the afternoon, but even a snoozer like me could still find the odd freshie in out of the way places..


(Stuck on the Wonder Chair)

I have probably been remarkably fortunate not to have gotten stuck, at least until today, on the Wonder Chair (so coined by a local wag as in 'you wonder if you will get to the top').

Today it was my turn to dangle, lurch ahead, roll back and generally marvel at how quickly feet go to sleep and extremities get cold even on mild days. The whole thing only took about 20 or 25 minutes until we were on our way again, but it seemed longer when sitting up there alone waiting for the sun to set.


My apologies to everyone who has had difficulties accessing this site yesterday and today. As part of my slow movement of things from my NT box to my Linux server, I swapped their IP addresses yesterday, but for some reason forgot that other folk's service providers might keep using the old address for up to 48 hours before checking it. I really know better and have gently chided folks in the past for this type of mistake, but for some reason my brain just wasn't in gear. Since the site traffic dropped by a quarter to a third yesterday, I suspect I have zapped a fair number of people. My apologies.

Everything should be normal no later than tomorrow afternoon and in the mean time if you are still having difficulties, you should be able to get to the site at: <>. If you are still having problems after tomorrow afternoon, please let me know.

At 5:00 PM it is -5 C at the house under a partially cloudy sky.

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