Craig's Report - February 9, 1999

Still Good

Picture 1
(Currie Bowl from White Pass)

There was just a skiff of snow at the house last night, but there was a bit more on the mountain. Off trail conditions ranged from powder to near crud and in most places was well used. Even Currie which was still closed when I left yesterday afternoon, was pretty worked over by this afternoon. In many places the untracked stuff was a bit stiff and not really powder. There were exceptions though.


(In Currie Bowl Looking South)

I tried a traverse around to the top of Easter Bowl from Currie and found the track to the cling on more exciting than the run. In addition to the hard packed snow, exposed rocks and stuff, I still find it easy to lose my bearings on that traverse. I came flying in high and fast above the saddles and almost did an Evil Knieval routine right over the them when they were just suddenly there.

Continuing on I then got all screwed up picking my way through rocks and things thinking I was too low for the top of Easter when I was actually too high.

Once I got there I discovered the nice steep shot right down Easter was already prechewed, so I dropped down the ridge a bit and chose one of the side Easter Chutes, where I was able to get some nice turns in despite the tracks.


Picture 1
(Upper Center of Timber Bowl)

I also found some pretty nice snow down this little pitch in Timber, but it was pretty short and the snow wasn't really consistent as it switched back and forth from pretty nice powder to mild (very mild) crud.


(Lizard Bowl )

Over in Cedar the snow in the trees on the Blueberry side of Snake Main was pretty nice powder and much of it was only lightly tracked. I exited by the KC chutes which had nice fluffy moguls.

The snow seemed a little drier today and the moguls and the packed runs seemed friendlier than yesterday with out the grabby bits. Down low though any unpacked snow such as that on the sides of Holo Hike was pretty heavy going.


At 5:00 PM it is -1 C at the house and cloudy.

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