Craig's Report - February 6, 1999

Snowy Saturday

Picture 1
(Lower Siberia Ridge)

It snowed again and continued snowing all day with the predictable effect on the grins of most of the weekend crowd. Crowd perhaps conveys the wrong image for while there seemed to be lots of folks on the hill, all the lifts except the Face Lift were running and line ups were not an issue..


(Tara makes some turns)

I didn't really ski much today and most of that was in the afternoon with my seven year old daughter. However from what I saw and from what I heard there was probably some pretty decent skiing out there this morning. Unfortunately the continuing snow resulted in lots of closures (Currie, Lizard above tower 6, Cedar except for Cedar Ridge) and the remaining had to bear the brunt of all those tracking skis. Still I was able to find some very nice soft turns in places even late in the afternoon.


Picture 1
(Lift Line run)

Tara wanted to ski down a black diamond and picked the run under the top of the Timber chair, which is called, appropriately, Lift Line. When we got to the top of it she was disappointed that the sign announced it was just a blue square. I was frankly amazed that this run is classified this way. Certainly skiing down it with your young daughter, or probably even alone, it seems pure black diamond to me.


(The Oh So flat run out from Timber)

It was quite warm and the snow was very wet near the bottom and when packed became quite firm and grabby. Just a bit farther up the mountain though the unpacked snow was soft and very nice to ski.


At 5:50 PM it is -1 C at the house and the snow continues.

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