Craig's Report - February 4, 1999

A Rather short report

The predicted overnight 20 cm didn't happen, but there were a few in the driveway this morning and it soon started snowing and hasn't stopped since.

It would have been the last men's day class, but his silkiness, Buck the Supreme, was away and the class had arranged to ski together anyway for the afternoon. As a warm up I planned a run down the saddles into Lizard, but that was closed and I had to make do with a spectacular run back into Currie. The snow was much as it had been for the last few days, dense perhaps boot deep powder. Although it was rather more tracked than in previous days, everything clicked into one of those 'I am immortal' runs where you snarl at the reaching trees, ignore the mere mortals you flash past and generally cruise the groves at speeds that would make your life insurance agent blanch.

Picture 1
(Exit lane in Currie)

At the bottom I paused to consider how foolish it was to engage in this behavior while wearing a middle aged body and managed to snap the only picture I thought of this day.


(No barbie tonight little girl
with a nod to our Aussie friends)

Once I linked up with the three other hard core members of the class that turned up, I clean forgot about pictures and reports as we tore about Timber and Currie bowls like a pack of geriatric delinquents. I thus offer this feeble offering of a shot of my daughter inspecting the barbeque on our back deck. Of course the snow on the mountain is much, much deeper.

Everything was nice and late in the day we skied a series of little bowls on the Timber side of Currie which had virtually pristine snow. The groomers were by then covered with a thin layer of very silky snow that was oh so smooth to ski

This can't last forever, but it certainly is nice for now.


At 8:00 PM it is -2C at the house and it is still snowing, although not as hard as before.

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