Craig's Report - February 3, 1999

Just another Sweet Day!

Picture 1
(Top of Steep & Deep)

The snow stopped early yesterday evening and we even got some sun today. The wind didn't let up though, so the powder was well consolidated, but not crusty or unpleasant. Without the falling snow, tracks weren't filling in quite as fast, so it was necessary at times to cross other folks tracks ;-), but freshies were still plentiful.


(I think this was the Punji Chutes)

Once again everything was open except for the Face Lift and this simply seemed to be too much mountain for the available folks to thrash quickly. Certainly things like Boomerang were well chopped,



but the upper center of Sunnyside was largely unmarked.


(Top of Mitchy Chutes)

There appeared to be more folks than yesterday though, although that may have been more a function of the fact you could actually see something today <g>.


(Easter Bowl from the bottom of the Cling On)

The run of the day, picked from a tough line up, was this one down the center of Easter Bowl from just below the Cling On rope. You can now traverse around Currie to the top of this rope, but to get to the bottom requires a couple of very steep tree turns above a particularly hard and evil looking grove and a well timed traverse. This would definitely not be fun if conditions were not good.

Once I headed down, the couple of tracks from the top disappeared somewhere and I had the whole center of Easter untracked until it began to flatten out in the little trees below and even then untouched lanes were abundant.


At 2:15 PM it is 0 C at the house and it has just begun to snow. The hill is predicting another 20 cm of new tonight.

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