Craig's Report - January 25, 1999

It's Dead Jim

Picture 1
(Center Cedar Trees)

That seemed to be the word on the Timber Chair today. It was stopped when I took my kids up for their ski club on Saturday morning and they were in the process of slowing running the folks off. I didn't ski that day, but it didn't sound like it was successfully revived and was apparently closed all day Sunday as well. It didn't matter to me as the temperature had dropped to the minus twenties by Sunday morning and I opted to enjoy the great indoors.

This morning though it was a near perfect -7 C and great big flakes were slowly falling. The Timber Chair was still dead, but skiing the old side was hardly tough duty.


(Snake Main)

Although there wasn't much overnight accumulation at the base, on the upper mountain there was ankle to boot deep fluff spread over already soft underpinnings.

Everything was nice - in fact very nice indeed. Of course the powder was tasty and where it had been beaten into moguls, those guys were soft and friendly too. Even the groomers were silky underfoot.



(Snake Ridge Again)

Everything on the old side was open, including the Face Lift which had a surprisingly large line up for a Monday in January. Even the Bear T-Bar had modest line ups and of course it wasn't easy to find untracked lines. While bed shortages may limit the weekend traffic, clearly week day traffic has increased considerably.


(Halfway down Decline)

Looking at this picture it doesn't seem like it should be too hard to get Granny down here with her walker, (does Volkl make walkers?), but anyone who has skied Decline knows there is a pretty reasonable pitch between where I was standing and that flat stuff below. You can't even trust pictures anymore. <g>


At 4:00 PM it is -6C at the house and overcast but with no snow currently falling.

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