Craig's Report - January 21, 1999

In Love with Currie

Picture 1
(Currie Bowl - Poor Visibility - Great terrain)

As a card carrying wus who is more than aware of his deficiencies in the snow stability prediction category and a certified lazy sloth, I have only ever skied Currie a couple of times before today. Still that was enough to convince me that it would be the crown jewel of the new terrain and I wasn't disappointed by when I finally got to ski it this afternoon.


(Currie from somewhere on the Timber Side)

They opened Currie yesterday about 3 PM but I didn't get up there until this afternoon and the hordes had already applied plenty of tracks. The visibility at the top was all but nonexistent and while the snow was still soft and quite agreeable, it was not overly notable to the powder jaded.


(More great Currie terrain)

However the mix of open alpine terrain, nicely gladed groves and chutes was just wonderful. Perhaps it is just puppy love that will fade, but my first impressions are that this is some of the best skiing real estate on the mountain. It was just wonderful!


(Near the bottom of Currie)

I didn't get to the old side at all, but things like Heartland were covered in mainly soft moguls with just the odd hard spots and were entertaining even for the mogul challenged like yours truly. There hadn't been any significant new snow overnight, but everything was still pretty soft.

The only groomed run I really skied was Meadow at the bottom of Currie and it was in very good shape, flat of course, but with nice snow.


At 6:40 PM it is -2C at the house and just dumping out there. The forecast is only for 5 cm in the valley, but that usually translates into a lot more on the mountain.

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