Craig's Report - January 20, 1999


Picture 1
(On Cedar Ridge with a splash of sun on Steep and Deep)

It snowed pretty hard yesterday evening, leaving ankle deep heavy snow in the driveway this morning. Up on the mountain though the snow was pure powder, boot high or better.

There isn't a lot to say about a day like this, because the skiing was just plain great. Oh, okay the snow was a bit heavy down low and perhaps if you looked really hard you could find a hard spot or two, but this is carrying picky to the extreme.

I guess I could talk about the closures - Easter Bowl, Face Lift, the Cedar High traverse were all closed, but Snake Ridge was open. All of Timber was open, but once again Currie was closed.


(Timber Bowl from the Timber ridge)

The very top of the White Pass lift was once again fogged in - I have yet to ride it when it wasn't and one reader suggested renaming it White Out Quad. You only had to come down a few hundred feet though to get below the clouds. This picture shows most of Timber Bowl except for the ridge I am standing on. The top of the Timber Chair is at the upper right in this picture while the White Pass lift runs along the bottom.

Timber Bowl was again a popular spot and grows tracks and even moguls quite quickly.


(The forbidden Currie Bowl from somewhere down Timber ridge)

Currie looked most tempting and it certainly appears there is some truly great skiing below where I took this picture, but some careful reconnoitering might be prudent.


(Oh So tasty trees)

Trees seasoned just the way I like them - fairly tight with a sprinkling of holes and a liberal dusting of powder. <g>


At 1:40 PM it is 2C at the house and the snow that had started to fall seems to have changed to light rain.

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