Craig's Report - January 15, 1999

The Ravages of Rain and other Tragedies

Picture 1
(A rather rain damaged bunny run)

I was fortunate to notice my neighbor clearing the grader droppings from his driveway last night about midnight. The rain had stopped and it was clearing off and if I hadn't joined him in this nocturnal task, I would have needed a pickaxe to restore access to my driveway this morning.

Yes the rain froze and it certainly wasn't an auspicious day to head out skiing. Still it was fairly clear this morning and I was anxious to get some pictures from the top of White Pass as well as sample some more of the fine terrain up there. So despite the newly formed glacier in the front yard and our neighbor's warnings that it was just awful anywhere but on White Pass, my wife and I set out after lunch. By the way my neighbor is a pathologically positive woman and I am not sure if I have ever heard such a negative expression from her. Still there was White Pass.


(Chris samples some Siberia crust)

No there wasn't. As we passed the bottom of White Pass on the Timber Lift we could see it was stopped, but assumed only briefly. However at the top of the lift it was clear it was going to be down for a while.

Seeking the most benign way down, we sampled the trees leading down to Falling Star - nice terrain, but the crust was a little less to our liking. Half way down Falling Star conditions changed to truly awful rock hard ice. This made having a coffee and waiting to see if White Pass would open seem a good idea.


(An ice closure on the Cedar high traverse???)

Alas over coffee we learned that they had actually had to evacuate folks from the White Pass lift with ropes. This did not sound promising even if it did manage to open again today.

Despite the dim prospects we decided to head up to the top of Bear to scout things out. None of Lizard had been groomed said the sign up top and skiing the bowl was not recommended. Well I guess not! All access into Cedar Bowl was closed from the top of the T-Bar, presumably do to conditions farther down.

The top half of Bear was rather nice, with a sugary layer of new snow that slide by quite pleasantly. The lower half and Elk on the other hand were the Ice God's most unwanted gift to skiing. Skiing off the groomed was just too gruesome to contemplate.


(This year's parking lot shuttle - do they make crampons for horses?)

I heard that skiing up on White Pass was rather good in the morning and that they had opened all the Timber Bowl terrain that had been closed yesterday. They were apparently about to open Currie Bowl just before the lift shut down.

Speaking of Currie Bowl, that is apparently the intended location of this weekend's Powder 8 competition. Hopefully the White Pass lift will be healthy for they will be the Crunchie 8s (or Zs if I were involved) if they have to be held elsewhere.




On Thursday, January 21st at 7 P.M. the ski hill is going to present it's proposed 'Official Community Plan' to the public in the ski hill day lodge. An OCP is a long term master plan which will guide the development of the ski hill area for some time to come. Once it has passed through all the necessary steps and been made formal policy by the Regional District, it will guide future decisions relating to zoning and development in this community. Anyone having concerns with the direction of development or how the community at the base of the hill will evolve, should review the OCP and make your concerns known. As I understand it, there will be more formal public meetings and opportunities to make your feelings known and I will attempt to post some information following this meeting.

I would appreciate it if anyone owning property up on the hill who isn' t in our community association database could contact me so we could get that information. This will include all the Highline folks and anyone else who has purchased property since last year's fire protection petition.

At 4:00 PM it is 0C at the house and gray.

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