Craig's Report - January 13, 1999

A Beautiful Morning!

Picture 1
(Obligatory wistful shot of upper Timber Bowl)

It was a beautiful morning to be out in the mountains. It was crystal clear and a comfortable -4 C when I left the house. It snowed fairly heavily for a while last evening and although it was quite windy, I was left with delusions of boot high up on the mountain today. Well reality bites.


(Looking Straight up Heartland)

If a significant quantity fell up top, it apparently blew off to parts unknown. There was dense blow in between the moguls, but not enough to cover the hardened tops left over from the rain.



(Lots of blowing snow
Looking up Cruiser)

Recently groomed runs were pretty nice though and even some surprising spots like the steep pitch on lower Cedar Center. It had its share of boiler plate and ice berg tips, but if you got the right line there were some surprisingly nice turns. The cool part is that on the next run your tracks would be filled in again by the gusty winds.


(Top of Bear Lift from above the Bow trees)

Another surprisingly nice spot was the upper part of the Bow trees. Now we aren't talking breath grabbing powder here, but compared to most of the off trail stuff, it was pretty good. I foolishly headed down lower Easter Bowl, where turns alternated between great and awful and found myself in a field of frozen ruts at the top of Freeway. After carefully navigating this, I was surprised to find the steeper and often icy mogul pitch was in fact not too bad as it had enough snow blown in to miss most of crunchies.

This dense wind blown snow should provide for an excellent base if the snow the ski hill is predicting (20 cm) does in fact arrive tonight.


The combination of the new lift (very windy by the way) and low season meant lift lines were essentially nonexistent. The White Pass lift wasn't open yet when I went by this morning, but it certainly looks about ready to go.


At 2:00 PM the temperature at the house is 2 C and clouds have replaced the clear skies.

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