Craig's Report - January 11, 1999


Picture 1
(Not Encouraging)

Some might find the pitter patter of driving rain against their window a soothing way to drift off to sleep, but I don't, at least not in the middle of what should be powder season.

It looked very promising yesterday afternoon. The snow was falling heavily and while I wasn't able to make it up on to the hill, I heard it was pretty nice. However in the evening the snow turned to rain and by midnight I was thinking in terms of cubits and the possibility of a 40 day cruise.


(Tennis Court Parking Lot
Bring your skates?)

It was still raining this morning, but tapered off about nine. Unfortunately the coming of daylight revealed what we had feared. It had obviously rained to the top of the hill. Even the trees at the top of the Timber chair were disgustingly green.



(Timber Bowl from top of Timber Quad)

While the rain line had obviously ended not too far above the top of the Timber quad, even the White Pass Quad would have largely been in the wet stuff. Up here the few centimetres of new snow had now frozen into a nasty crust and grooming was rather minimal. Farther down the crust gave way to good old elephant snot, but it wasn't too deep and definitely preferable to the crust.

The situation was similar on the old side, at least as far as I could discern from my one run. To be fair once you got below the crust line the skiing might have been enjoyable for those who are obsessively positive. For instance China Wall was covered in a few centimetres of really heavy slop that actually carved pretty nicely. On the steeper sections you could watch the foot diameter snowballs chase you down the hill.


(Load test time for White Pass)

On a brighter note, they had the barrels loaded on the White Pass chair for the load tests, so the opening is probably near. Now if we could just get some of that much hyped Fernie powder to christen it with.


At 11:20 PM the temperature at the house is 3 C under gray skies.

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