Craig's Report - January 8, 1999

Hopeful Signs

It has snowed very lightly all day at the house and while that only resulted in a bare skiff of new down here, it was snowing fairly hard at times up on the hill. This was enough to make the groomed runs generally quite silky and even I would have to agree that some of them were approaching the standard excellent rating the ski hill gives them. There were still spots of ice though and the choke point at - hmmm have to look it up, ah - Deep Sea below the bottom of the White Pass lift was notably unfriendly.


Up in Lizard the Face Lift has acquired a new liftie shack. The old one was obliterated in an avalanche a while back and the lift attendants sole comfort since then has been a chair and not even a comfortable looking one at that. By the way the avalanche was part of the avalanche control procedures and not a rogue skier muncher.

Speaking of that, hopefully soon we will again be starting mornings by being jarred out of bed by an avalaucher serenade.


While the groomed runs made for smooth cruising, the same could not be said for the crusty off trail bits. These still enjoy pointing out the many deficiencies of almost all who try them. Mogul runs like Sunnyside are certainly okay, but the bumps are a bit too pointy and the snow a bit firm for me to consider prime.



The Timber Quad was running again and while activity continues around the base of the White Pass chair, it is hard to tell if they are getting closer to opening it. Once open, this guy is going to make a lot of interesting skiing available. You can just make out the top of the chair heading up the ridge on the right of this picture. Flying snow makes for lousy picture taking, but I sure wasn't going to complain.



(Looking across Heartland?)

This picture was taken at the side of what I believe is the Heartland run. It appears that it will be a fairly interesting high intermediate run, but only the bottom portion of it is accessible by traversing from the Timber chair.

Those chutes on the ridge in the background certainly look, er, interesting. I wonder if they will be open and accessible from the White Pass lift?


At 4:00 PM the temperature has suddenly leapt up to 0 C at the house from an earlier -10 C. The snow seems to have stopped but the wind has come up somewhat.

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