Craig's Report - December 27, 1998

It Lives, It Lives!!!

Not only are the cables on the new Timber chair, but it had real live chairs hanging on the cables and going round and round. <g>


They weren't going very fast mind you, but this certainly has to be taken as an excellent sign. Perhaps there is hope for the new lifts being open by New Year's after all. :-)

I wasn't up on the hill on Boxing Day, but they received another good dollop of powder Christmas night and I heard that it had gone a long way towards solving the lingering ice problem on the steeper runs.


We only had a skiff of snow last night and I only skied the lower runs with my daughter, so I can't comment on the conditions up top. The lower stuff was quite nice though with just the odd scraped section and lots of soft stuff lying about.

Surprisingly the line ups were not too bad. This shot of the Bear line a little after noon, shows the corral loosely filled, but no big mob. The Elk chair also had modest lines and the Deer was almost ski on. I heard that line ups on Boom were reasonable as well and that the hill was relatively uncrowded on Boxing day.


On one of our runs, Tara and I skied down Holo Hike through the tunnels in the Highline subdivision. This is kind of strange now as you are all but skiing through folk's yards.


It snowed lightly all day at the bottom and I heard that late in the day it was snowing quite hard up top. The forecast for the valley has a heavy snowfall warning posted with 15 to 20 cm accumulating. The hill is predicting 30 on the mountain, which is more than likely if that much falls in the valley. The only problem is that the predicted low is only -1 C and the high for Monday is supposed to be +1 C. It did cool off a little bit during the day today though, from about -1 this morning to -3 as I write this at 5:30. It continues snowing nicely at the house.

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