Craig's Report - December 25, 1998

Santa Griz brings a Christmas Present

Light snow fell all day yesterday, becoming heavier through the evening. The result was better than ankle deep powder in the driveway this morning and reasonable temperatures (-11 C at the house). Once the Christmas morning present opening ritual was done, postponed from the initial 4 AM when the kids first got up, I was off to check out the new offerings.

My first run down Cedar Ridge (shown here) was bit disappointing. True the powder was knee deep or better and wonderfully light, but it was actually too light to take all the edge off of the ice crust underneath.


Less steep terrain faired a lot better as you could cruise with less edging and thus less scraping. The centers of Cedar Bowl (somewhere in the picture at left) and Lizard Bowl were pretty pleasant as were the groomed runs I was on. In the latter case it really was packed powder, although some spots, lower North Ridge for example, were already starting to get scraped down to the underlying ice. It was nice this morning, but might not hold up well to the pending crowds.


Sunnyside, at the top in this picture taken from the middle of Lizard Bowl, was even pretty nice when I went down. That obnoxious ski on ice sound was a constant companion, but there was enough snow to cushion most of the turns. Once again this might change later in the day as more folks work it over.

Just before lunch they opened Easter Bowl and Snake Ridge, leaving only Face Lift closed. I was heading out by then and only caught the lower part of Easter, but had some pretty sweet turns despite the hard underpinnings. Freeway however was well on its way to a boilerplate, puffball mosaic.


If my one trip down incline was any indication, the lower runs were in generally excellent shape (except for a few ice balls I encountered in one spot). Even the area around the base buildings was now fine.

At the bottom the sleds were lined up outside ski patrol room suggesting a busy day in the local ER. Do be careful out there folks!


There were steady line ups through the morning at the Bear T-Bar and by noon the corral was getting full at Boomerang as well, with more people arriving all the time. Unfortunately without the new lifts running, most of the upcoming week will probably be a line up zoo.

At 2:30 it is an ideal -10 C under a cloudy sky.

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