Craig's Report - December 15, 1998

Brief, Firm, NOT Excellent Day

The hope for a decent day on Sunday were dashed when we awoke to steady rain and dark trees right to the top of the hill.  Yesterday it didn't rain or snow, but prospects looked dim and I heard icy was the operative word.  This morning though it was snowing lightly and while there was no real accumulation at the house, the official ski report claimed 'EXCELLENT ON GROOMED RUNS' (their capitals).  Okay that is often code for 'TERRIBLE', but I thought it was worth a look.

These signs, which say 'WARNING Hard Icy Conditions - Long Slides Possible - Stay on Groomed Runs', are scattered around the hill and more correctly reflect the real conditions than the web page.

Certainly it seemed to be good advice and only those with skeletons of polypropylene should have considered off trail excursions.  In fact in my very brief stay I saw no one venture off of the groomed and could discern no tracks anywhere on Boomerang.


So how about those excellent groomed runs?  I took this shot from Cruiser looking back at the top of Bear and the gun tower.  It looks nice from here, but Cruiser proved to be, er, firm.  Sort of like skiing I-5 with the odd patch of death cookies thrown in for texture.

To be fair you could get a reasonable edge in most places and it was snowing fairly hard, so things may improve rapidly.  It is rather windy though, so hoping for fluff might be too extreme.


Still by the time I had skied Cruiser, Bear and Arrow I had pretty well exhausted the variety on the hill and certainly my jaded interest in this kind of thing.

This is from the bottom of Cruiser looking back up into Cedar and is included for no fathomable reason. <g>

It is definitely a bit gritty around the base area.

Here the S.S Timber takes form in dry dock. 

At 1:20 PM it is-2  C and snowing in a most encouraging manner.

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