Craig's Report - December 8, 1998

Powder Pigs in Heat Again

It snowed most of the evening and night leaving boot deep (more than hiking, less than Sorrel) in my driveway this morning.  I had images of thigh deep or better up top, but it proved to only be knee deep or less and a tad dense. This is pure Fernie picky though as it was still very tasty indeed.

This shot is down an as yet untouched Bear Chute (not for long <g>).

Upper Lizard was closed on the far side of Arrow all morning and initially so was upper Cedar, but Cedar Ridge was open and of course the Boomerang runs.

This shot shows someone (is that you Willard?) appearing to be having a passable time blowing down the lower part of the Punji Chutes.

While the snow might have been a tad dense for the very picky, it skied very well and was just what was needed to bury a few more alders.  It was now not only possible, but pretty nice to ski down the steep pitch on Sunnyside (upper right here) although it was still rather dense over on the skiers right.  Most of the Cedar Ridge alders appeared quite navigable and we had a very nice run down King Fir.  Not bad for the 4th day after opening.

Although upper Lizard was closed, you could traverse into lower Easter from the tower 7 cat track.   When we did this around noon, we found great expanses of still untracked powder.   Because there was little prospect of getting far enough ahead of Don, the fellow I was skiing with, to get a picture, I decided to try and take a shot from behind.  Not only is it a pretty crappy picture, but I did not reckon on the fact his rooster tail would render him essentially invisible.  Sigh. The skiing was vastly superior to the photography.

The new snow also did the trick for the remaining scratchy looking spots at the bottom of the hill.  All the stuff I saw now seemed fine.

There were some small lineups at the Bear but nothing too much.  We did have to play a little big of ticket checker tag since my pass was at home in my freezer, rather than on my ski suit. (Don't ask).  I actually managed to skulk about all morning without one.  I guess I look trustworthy. <g>

At 1:45  PM it is about -1 C at the house and mainly overcast with a few clear spots.

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