Craig's Report - December 6, 1998

Still Very Nice

Nice light snow fell all day Saturday and I heard it was not only nice on the hill, but relatively uncrowded.  We did not head out though until afternoon on Sunday when we did the family herd thing.

Of course most of the fresh stuff had already been trampled, but it was still possible to find nice soft turns.  The snow was quite light and the fresh was perhaps boot deep, though  I am sure it was deeper in the less traveled areas.  This is Cedar Ridge with the trees still wearing their new dump coats.

There is a new alternative to lower North Ridge when making the trek back from Cedar Bowl by way of the Haul Back.  This extension to Linda's run starts just to the skiers right of the main Linda's run exit to the cat track.  It is a nice meandering intermediate run and has been groomed both times I have tried it.

Here my son Davin (in rear) and his friend Eli make their way down Sunnyside.  This is now mogulled, but in a nice way with rounded bumps and good carving snow.  There are of course the usual early season alders, so some route selection is necessary.

Just to show there is at least a semblance of apres ski at Fernie, here Eli's older sister Shandy, enjoys the Day Lodge Bar run where conditions ran to nice lip deep foam with just the odd sticky shooter spot. <g>

Crowds were fairly light with occasional modest lines at the Bear T-Bar, but other wise little of consequence.  My wife and daughter report the lower runs were not bad and they had no problems even at the bottom.  Deer Chair was running, but Meadow was closed and the open areas had the odd twig and scratchy bits.  The Mighty Moose and Face Lift were closed.

At 6:15 PM it is about -5 C at the house.

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