Craig's Report - November 25, 1998

Close, but Wet Cookie

There has been lots of precipitation this week and it while it was mainly friendly, the stuff down at the base was rather damp.  There is now snow covering the ground and I even used my snow blower one day, but in truth that was more so I could do my Tim Allen routine with my new Binford 928 (insert grunts as appropriate) than from any real need.

It rained lightly but steadily all day at the bottom, but up at the top of the Elk Chair it was snowing and the scene had changed markedly from last week.  While there was still the odd twig stick poking through, the skiing up above looked very nice indeed.


As proof positive that the season is imminent, I submit this image of an upside down boarder far above the ground.  He actually almost landed it.  That is Bear going up to the right and he is jumping into the upper part of Kodiak.

The lower runs were largely groomed and starting down Elk the conditions looked just dandy.   As you got farther down the falling snow changed to rain and stuff under foot became quite soft and slushy.  Still there was decent coverage down to about twice the height of the Mighty Moose.  I had cunningly saved my lungs by not carrying skis up, but about this point I was having second thoughts.

There is finally definite signs of progress at the base of the Timber chair.  Presumably they have been spending the bulk of their efforts on the upper mountain.  Last I heard Dec 18 is still the date.

I dropped into the office to see what the current anticipated opening date and found bashful Gord (who wouldn't let me get him in the picture) working on the signs for the new runs.   Somehow these two dimensional critters make it seem all that much more real.

December 4th is now the word and while second guessing the weather is a silly thing to do, I feel the odds are good for that date.  (I can see folks planning to spoon feed me these words already).  The upper hill is in good early season shape and it won't take much to get the bottom ready either.  There is supposed to be another system on the way, but whether the temperature will drop enough is anyone's guess.

Just before 6:00 PM it is 2 C at the house and the rain seems to have picked up a bit.

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