Craig's Report - November 2, 1998

Busy, Busy, Busy

I don't know that I am quite ready to generate more than a report every couple of weeks, but things are hopping up on the hill and with ski season only a month away perhaps I had better get back in practice.

This shot is of the upper parking lot, beside the Tamarack.  The base of the lift will be to the right of this image and presumably all the stuff on top of the bank will be for skiing to the lift, lift lines etc.  Looking at this tremendous assortment of bits and pieces it is hard to imagine that they plan to have it all put together in just a month.

There was lots of grinding going on here as they got ready to install what appears to be a bull wheel in its support structure.  Stuff like this was happening all over the place.

They were also digging trenches up Meadow and laying pipe for more snow making.   Apparently they have already done lots of this and will have put in 1200 m of new pipe when they are done.  I am glad to see this as it will help both keep the new lifts in operation both in years with a slow snow start and in the spring if there is an early melt.

I couldn't resist heading back to check out the helicopter again.  It was socked in and raining lightly most of the day, so even if they are now ready for it, I doubt it could have flown today.

This thing is definitely a rough industrial creature with exposed bolts, wiring and what not. All that is missing is the People's Tractor Works logo welded on the front.

While not pretty it certainly appears functional.  This is the winch mechanism, but what is really impressive its the stenciled advisory that the maximum external load is 25000 pounds.  That would be about six minivans with a Vee Dub and fat uncle Jake tossed in.  Impressive!

This bubble looks backward from the cockpit into the load area.  I assume the winch operator sits here. but I wonder if he has any control over the helicopter itself, or just the cable?

nov02986.jpg (17056 bytes)Size has its price though. This is the gas can that comes with the Sikorsky, complete with the helicopter company's logo.  Looks like the big chopper has a big  appetite to match.

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