Craig's Report - October 30, 1998

Ah Grasshopper, Be Sure, Be Quick

The Sikorsky has arrived looking like some gigantic alien insect.  This sucker is BIG. They just spun the rotor for a maintenance test when I took this picture, but watching those enormous blades whirl around not so very far away is a tad intimidating.  I hear that they aren't quite ready for the big guy just yet, but hopefully he will be ferrying lift towers up the hill in a day or two.

The Wolf's Den was a hive of activity as various folks tackled this enormous erector set.   Hopefully their assembly instructions are a tad clearer than the typical Toys R' Us fare.

Apparently they were achieving some success as completed looking lift towers were scattered about.   These two seemingly discarded in the Timberline Tube ski underpass looked particularly out of place.

Up on the hill there is scant evidence of snow yet.  There is some white on the higher peaks, but as this shot of Bear from just above the top of the Elk quad shows, there is none to speak of on the ski area.  The ground was still fairly frozen here at mid mountain even in the middle of this sunny afternoon.

On the way down I passed by Heiko's new abode, complete with his favorite ATV parked in the front yard.  For those not familiar with Fernie lore, Heiko is the man who built the Fernie ski hill and was, until its purchase by the Ski Louise group last year, its principle shareholder and driving force.  When the deal was closed, the highest lot in the new Highline subdivision and Heiko's beloved skidder were not part of the deal.

So if you have your own personal skidder, just where do you take it?  I guess like the old joke goes, anywhere you want to.  By the way Heiko brought that skidder into my driveway once and it looked enormous. The fact it looks rather small here probably gives some perspective on the size of the house. :-)

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