Craig's Report - September 27, 1998

A Quick Low Photo Tour

I haven't been up in the new bowls for a couple of weeks, but there has been a satisfying, if annoying, amount of helicopter flying and cement truck traffic.  I only had an hour for a quick trip this morning, so I just rode up to the top of Deer snapping shots of anything conceivably interesting along the way.  This is what I got.

The helicopter they have been using was parked in the main lot and I managed to capture it taking off.  I had to be quite close to get this shot and now have significant sympathy for the facial treatments the Sphinx has endured over the years.   Particularly impressive was how the grit even managed to get inside my clone camel back to coat the outside of the bladder.

This beast seemed to have unusually large wide blades, perhaps for the heavy lifting or perhaps because I don't know anything about helicopters.

Looking down from the top of the Deer lift you can see the large clearing that has been cut beside the Griz Inn and right next to the Elk Quad.  This is apparently to become a new hotel complex over the next summer.

This is the same site taken from the ski school meeting area. The bottoms of the Elk and Mitey Moose lifts give some orientation.

Pivot thirty degrees and here is the Snow Creek hotel starting to rise behind the poma lift.  Things are starting to look quite different around here.

The parking lot that the RV folks used for winter hibernation is simply no more, but contrary to the initial rumors space is being made for them.  This is the new RV lot which is located to the South of the upper serpentine parking lot - past the old bone yard.  It appears they are getting ready to install some sort of services.

Below the serpentine parking lots on the highway side of the road that crosses the ski out to Timberline Village, is a large new parking lot.  This looks like it will hold a lot of cars, but it is going to be a pretty fair hike from the South end of this thing.  It would appear to be at about the same height as the Wolf's Den lot, so skiing over to the lifts probably won't be an option.

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