Craig's Report - September 13, 1998


The warm dry days tick by towards the inevitable fall rain and hoped for big winter dumps, but around the base of the ski hill progress on the new lifts seems disturbingly absent.  Time for a road trip to see what is happening.

Ah, this looks better!  At the top of the lower quad there is a satisfyingly huge hunk of concrete to anchor the new lift.


At the top of the upper fixed quad there was more evidence of progress and even a swarm of folks working late on Sunday afternoon.  This definitely looks more encouraging than the view from the base.

The other new creation up top was this structure on the ridge behind the new patrollers hut.  My guess would be a gun platform for avalanche control.

The view at this upper unloading area was once again spectacular. Polar Peak looks invitingly close.

I couldn't resist yet another shot of Currie, the notches and the Three Sisters in the background.  Trust me that the picture does not do the scene justice.

You just can't take a trip up here without fantasizing about this great terrain draped in a fluffy blanket.

Waiting is not easy!

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