Craig's Report - August 23, 1998

Home Again

We were away on vacation from the beginning of August until just a couple of days ago. When we got home I was curious to see what progress had been made on the new lifts.  A quick first look around the base area didn't seem that promising, since there was no obvious concrete work or signs of development beyond terrain modification.  There is a large new parking lot being developed below the existing serpentine lots across the Timberline Tube ski tunnel, but more evidence of lift work had to wait for a trek up the mountain.

In fact most of the tower locations seem to have either forms being built or in some cases have already been poured.


Even though it was Sunday, there were folks working at the top of the detachable quad and at the bottom of the fixed quad, apparently constructing forms.  A patroller's hut has been built at the top of the fixed quad and is visible in this picture, which was taken from near the top of the lower chair.

From up at that hut the view was of course great and it was all too easy to fantasize about luscious runs on all that new lift serviced terrain.  This picture is of Polar Peak which no longer looms above you from this altitude.

Looking back into Timber Bowl one could see the major land scraping that has gone on.  A major expansion of the road from the top of the lower lift (at top of the switch backs left of center) has created what appears to be a gentle ski run which leads back to Siberia bowl from up here. 

In yet another shot from the new patroller's hut, the town of Fernie is framed in Currie bowl.  Some wicked looking runs look possible down from this ridge and the notch that so many folks climb up to from the Lizard Bowl is visible on the ridge to the left.

The word I hear is that the lift construction is on schedule and the new lifts are supposed to open on December 10th, which is about two weeks after the general hill opening.  We also got our lift pass letter and pass prices have only gone up about $30 a person.  This doesn't seem so bad given that I hear day pass prices are going up to forty three bucks a day.  I am still trying to get some new trail maps, but so far without luck.

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