Craig's Report - July 28, 1998


It has been hot and sunny here for the last couple of weeks.   Certainly too hot for my taste, particularly when it comes to sweating my way up a mountain.

They have been moving lots of earth for the new lifts, but so far there has been no cement poured.  I imagine they are probably on schedule, but I can't help but be impatient for more tangible signs of progress.


The holes for the footings do now march across Meadow and up at least a ways beyond that.  With the tower positions now obvious, the lift seems at least a bit more real.

july28985.jpg (17120 bytes)Away from the construction there are numerous new single track trails for mountain bikers.  While these are lots of fun, the hill has also become festooned with traffic signs, including stop signs and lots of signs forbidding bicycles on the main roads.  It is true that there been occasional incidents with bozos cruising these at high speeds and even a case last year where someone apparently ran into the back of a horse, but the current situation seems to me to be an over reaction.

I would agree that the single track trails are the place for the chair lift riders to get their thrills, but I see no problem with folks responsibly commuting around the mountain on the roads by bike.

Despite all of the activity, there are still quiet and pretty spots on the mountain.  This shot is taken from the dam on the now empty upper reservoir.

July09985.jpg (22723 bytes)If you get a little further away, you can lose almost all trace on mankind.  This little alpine lake, ok pond, is less than 5 crow kilometers from our house and almost completely secluded - at least for now.  (this picture is a couple of weeks old)

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