Craig's Report - July 8, 1998

Construction Update

Preparation for the base of the new detachable quad has moved into high gear with major terrain modification going on.  This picture was taken from just past where the maintenance shop was, looking towards the now vanished RV parking lot.


This shot was taken from the South end of the main parking lot and is looking up at about where the racer's hut used to be.  There is now a run cut through the trees onto Meadow and lots of earth is being moved.

Finally this shot is from just past the Timberline Tube on the road to the serpentine parking lots and is looking back towards the daylodge.

At this point I was politely informed that my presence farther up the road would not be welcome.  The prospect of playing Toro Toro Belly Loader on my mountain bike had already convinced me that this was the end of the line, so the request seemed pretty reasonable.  Investigating what is happening up in Timber Bowl will probably have to wait for a quiet weekend.

Over in the Highline subdivision there are at least a dozen projects on the go with others apparently getting ready to start.  These range from individual homes to large townhouse projects.  Fittingly the top lot is Heiko and Linda's and the house they are building looks like it will be truly magnificent.

The Mud N' Madness mountain bike race is being held on the mountain this weekend (July 11-12) and is expected to draw 400 competitors.  Because this is part of the B.C. Cup series, it attracts some pretty talented and disgustingly aerobic folks.

The other big event coming up is the Elk Valley Jamboree, which is being held on the hill on the weekend of the 24th of July.  This apparently has an impressive line up of talent, but as I am not a big fan of C&W, the only names I remember are Patricia Conroy and Ashley MacIsaac. 

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