Craig's Report - June 21, 1998 ... continued

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This picture looks straight down the new lift line from the top.  The little red flags are where a lift tower goes.  Traversing off to the skier's left from here leads to increasingly steeper terrain that should provide enough challenge for most folks.

Does the tripod represent the top of the lift and that flattened pad at the right a place for the lift machinery?  In any event I suspect there will need to be some more contouring done up here.

June09981.JPG (19810 bytes)Of course on the other side of the ridge is Currie bowl with Polar Peak at the right.

Heading along the ridge before dropping into Currie Bowl would appear to supply enough steepness for most.  I was too chicken to lean out farther for a better shot, but this at least hints at the slope.  Of course everything looks steeper in the summer.

On the other side of the bowl you can see the saddles from Lizard Bowl.  When you notice how we are looking down them, you get an idea of how high this off loading point is.  I am guessing it is significantly higher than the top of the Face Lift.

June09981.JPG (19810 bytes)On the way back down I took this rather bland picture of the base area.  The daylodge and the Griz Inn are at the lower right and just above the Griz Inn is a little blotch of green from the new Cedar Ridge development.  At the lower left is the Thunder Ridge condo development in the Highline subdivision.  Later this year the Snow Creek hotel will start to emerge just to the right of it in this picture.  At the top of the picture the City of Fernie is being threatened with a thunderstorm.

Walking down I couldn't help but be impressed by the amount of new terrain these lifts are going to add.  It should be a hoot next season trying to find all the sweet new spots and stashes. <g>

Okay, that's it.  Sorry for the long-windedness and all the pictures, but then again if you are still reading you probably didn't mind that much. :-)

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