Craig's Report - June 21, 1998

And it begins ...

Activity has begun on the installation of the new lifts.  From the bottom all that is really obvious is the clearing of trees on the skier's right of Meadow.   This shot was taken in the parking lot looking straight up the lift line of the detachable quad.  I believe everything will be smoothed out to give a constant slope down to about where this shot was taken.

This evidence of things happening seemed like a suitable excuse to take a trot up top to check things out.  Okay, trot wouldn't be the best term to use to describe how I drag my sorry old body up the hill, but it sounds better than slog.


There wasn't much fresh lift spoor on the way up to the top of this lower quad with the exception of stakes flagging the location of the lift towers.  At the top though this big guy seemed to be waiting for some serious action.

June09981.JPG (19810 bytes)Continuing on up the Siberia/Timberline ridge (there is a road now) revealed that Mr. Cat had already been busy.  The bottom of Siberia Bowl appears to have been cleared to make a wide and very gentle ski run.  This picture was taken from just below the pass into the Sand Creek area and would be accessible from the upper Quad.

Still following the road I crossed back across Timber Bowl and climbed up towards the ridge where the upper Quad will unload.  Some serious landscraping had gone on here as well and in fact a four wheel drive can almost make it to the top.   While I am certainly looking forward to all the great skiing being opened up, I could not help but be saddened by the loss of the pristine alpine bowl that used to be.

June09981.JPG (19810 bytes)Finally at the top of the new lift, this shot looks back down into Timber Bowl.  As you may have already guessed I got rather carried away taking pictures on this little walk, so I have split this report into two pages.  If you want to see more pictures click here ...

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